Are You Using the Most Effective Law of Attraction Process? No? You Need This!


Are you . . .

Struggling with the vapid way loa is usually taught, leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated and confused because there is nothing for your brain to understand? Nothing logical or rational

Unable to consistently create your desires, even though you may have manifested some small ones by hit or miss, no matter how hard you think positively

Dreading the thought of continuing to live your life of quiet desperation, having achieved some of your goals but feeling like you’ve hit a wall of stuckness, indecision and helplessness in achieving the big goals, yet not knowing what to do or where to turn to learn the spiritual skills that will free you from your misery?

There are 3 reasons why you haven’t been able to make law of attraction work for you (so far):


  • 1.

    You don’t realize your own power. Our culture – the media and big Pharma, especially, want us to depend on them for guidance and information, and have trained us into helplessness, encouraging us to deny our own innate wisdom and knowing.


  • 2.

    They haven’t told you the truth when they said, “Just do this one thing and your life will change.” There are subtleties and nuances to law of attraction that make it work, and you don’t know what to do, when to do it, for how long or why. Things like affirmations, meditation, visualizing, and so on.


  • 3.

    You have not been shown how to bring your conscious mind into alignment with your subconscious mind, and if they don’t agree, the subconscious always wins. You’ve got to align the 7 Inner Emotions™ to become a vibrational match to your desire.


No one is blaming you for the mess you’ve made of your life up ‘til now. You didn’t know how to create your reality intentionally. But now that the opportunity for change is here, will you continue to live in unhappiness and victimhood? Or will you take this step forward?


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“What They Say About Lorna”




• “Anytime I know you’ll be speaking, I make sure I’m there.” ~ Troy
• “As soon as I did your process, I found the perfect apartment, after searching every day for two months! Thanks.” ~ Peter
• “I love that you explain things so clearly. You really have a gift for this!” ~ Stacey
• “I told him, “Let’s just pretend that we’ve found the keys,” and as he was shuffling his feet in the leaves, he found our keys and we could go home!”
• “I’ve got a new husband!” ~ Lisa
• “I always take notes when you speak because I always learn so much!” ~ Laura
• You really are very, very good!” ~ Diane M

And lots more!

Here at Lorna Levy we help you break free of being stuck, frustrated and confused with why your life is the way it is, so that you can easily and consistently live your dreams. And it all starts with you clicking any one of the above buttons to learn more.

When you connect with me, you will learn:


• The effective, 3 step process that is NOT ask, believe, receive as many teach.
• Why being positive can keep you stuck and frustrated
• 2 kinds of alignment, why both are important, and how to do them
• 3 ways to manifest and which one to use when
• What to do about contrast – the things you don’t want that show up in your life
• The one, single, most effective manifesting technique
• What to do about anger, frustration, resentment, and jealousy
• The energetic difference between want and expect, and how to shift to expect
• How many goals you can work on at the same time
• How to end limited thinking forever and change negative beliefs so that they never come back

And lots more!