Hi, I’m Lorna


Have you ever known in your heart that something was true but you just couldn’t get a handle on how it worked? You know there is a field of knowledge you are burning to understand but there is no one in your world to explain it to you? And you know that almost everyone is on the wrong track, but you are not clear on what the right track is? That was me.

From the time I was a kid, I believed we were not the victims of circumstance that we seemed to be. I knew a loving deity would not intentionally give us lives of suffering and pain. I grew up with my grandmother in Philadelphia, and as I watched her struggle with the extreme pain of arthritis every day, I wondered why this was happening to her. My search took me deeply into consciousness studies and I got to understand conscious creation, reincarnation, the eternal nature of our souls and the vast, mostly unrecognized power of our minds. I got to understand how we create our reality from our thoughts – all of it, all the time.
My fierce belief is that law of attraction is an ancient science that we are just beginning to understand through our discoveries in quantum physics. There is a rich, deep, nuanced body of knowledge behind it, and, like any science, it works consistently when you go deep into how it works.
And when it doesn’t work, there are easily identified reasons why, and things that can be changed for better results.

My pet peeve and my rant is that the many people who teach there’s “just one thing” to know to make law of attraction work, are misrepresenting an ancient spiritual teaching. That does three things that are, in my opinion, just wrong:

1. It leaves people disappointed that it doesn’t work for them,
2. It creates the belief that law of attraction is B. S., and
3. it rips people off.


I teach that there are 16 principles to know, 33 common mistakes we make and 108 nuances to understand in order to master law of attraction. And I have 72 processes that help you do this.


My promises to you

• No B.S. – I will always tell you the truth about Law of Attraction
• Give you clear and deep explanations based in science
• Personal support – I will always treat you lovingly, with integrity and respect at all times, honoring whatever you are going through while working with you to change it
• Experiential based learning so that you embody and become the person you want to be

I’m a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, and I’m the founder and Spiritual Director of the School of Manifesting where we offer courses on meditation, chakras, aura reading and spiritual development. And of course, manifesting!

Take a look at either of my two blogs – LawofAttractionGPS.com – mostly my articles on living Law of Attraction, and LawofAttractionLibrary.com – articles on consciousness and Law of Attraction in use in the world.


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